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Window Installation

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At first glance, the installation of a new window may seem quite easy, but the truth is that it's a task that can easily go wrong. The fragile nature of windows requires that they are handled with lots of care and caution. You will have more peace of mind when you leave your window installation to professionals like us. We will assume all risks and take full responsibility for the entire project. Window installation has become more advanced in recent years and you will need a team of true experts. We are the best window installation company in the Bay area, California.


Your life will be much easier when you install new windows in your home. The designs of newer windows make them easy to maintain. Many windows now come with between-the-glass blinds and shades. This is a valuable feature you should look out for. These blinds and shades will keep out dust and lessen the time you spend cleaning. Also, high-quality windows will keep your home cool by maintaining air quality. They are soundproof too. The windows we will install for you will keep out the noise from the traffic and the rest of the neighborhood. You will find your home more comfortable and relaxing.


When you invest in new windows for your home, you will get to save more in the long run. Windows have become more energy-efficient than ever. By keeping home cool, your new windows will help you cut down on your utility bills. In fact, you can cut your utility bills in half by installing the very best windows. Also, since you will be making less use of your home's cooling system, your appliances will last longer. The pieces of furniture in your home will last longer too. New windows will prevent the penetration of furniture damaging ultraviolet rays into your home.

Property Value

All the benefits offered by new windows will come together to increase your property's market value. But the important benefit has to be the boost it will give to your property's curb value. New and high-quality windows will be visually appealing to your visitors and passers-by alike. Should you want to sell your home, quality windows can serve as its selling point. You will have no shortage of prospective buyers and this will put you in the driver's seat during negotiations. Whatever the amount of money you invest in installing new windows, you will be making a profit when you eventually sell your home.

License and Insurance

An essential reason to hire a reputable window installation like us is that we are fully licensed and insured. First, our license is proof of our qualifications and legitimacy. Also, the risk involved with handling glass windows makes it essential that the people working for you have the necessary insurance. Any damage that is done to your property, our workers, or a 3rd party will be covered by our insurance. When you hire an uninsured window contractor, the responsibility for all accidents will fall on you. There's also a good chance of you getting sued.

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