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Custom Windows

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Custom windows offer more value than the standard windows. Your windows should do more than keeping out the rain and other weather elements. Your windows should also improve the appearance of your home and make it more comfortable. Custom windows are excellent as replacement windows and also for new constructions. They can be installed in both commercial and residential buildings. The windows you can purchase in the local store will give you limited options. You should opt for custom windows if you want windows that are built just for you. At Bay Area Window Repair, we specialize in the construction of exquisite custom windows.


Standard windows are produced in bulk and many of them will come with the same design. When your windows look the same way as your neighbor's, your building will look ordinary. On the other hand, with custom windows, you get to choose the exact design and features of your windows. They will speak for your style and give your home a unique appearance. Custom windows will make your home stand out among the homes in your neighborhood and it will be proof of your superior taste. The variety of colors, shapes, and arrangement of custom windows will leave you with endless options.


One thing we love about custom windows is how they blend into a building. It can be difficult to find a window that will match the style and color of your building perfectly, this is especially true for replacement windows. There's very little chance that you will find a window that will perfectly match your building's style in the store. Custom windows are the best choice for a home with a unique appearance. Your custom windows will be specially made to match the color, trim and overall design of your home. You will be giving the curb appeal of your building a big boost by customizing your windows.

Added Features

With custom designs, you get to do so much more with your windows. There are many features that you may want to add to your windows. Features like special locks, window grids, and grilles are some of the features that add more value to your window. These features will boost the appeal, security, and usability of your windows. These features are rarely available in windows in the store and you will have to go with you get. Also, your custom windows can be designed to give you extra protection from extreme weather conditions.

Professional Installation

While anyone may be able to take on the installation of a standard window successfully, you will need the services of an expert window contractor. The installation of a custom window requires a high level of skill and experience for it to be done right. Even the most little mistakes can mess up the installation of a custom window. Our employees have the needed expertise to install your windows seamlessly. We hire only the best hands. We will install your windows to appear exactly how you want them. They will be more efficient and long-lasting too.

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